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GARA - Gondar and Agamemnon Residents' Association

Gondar and Agamemnon Residents' Association (GARA) exists to maintain and enhance the environment in which we live. Say YES to nature preservation. Say NO to habitat destruction.

** LATEST - 22/3/20 -20-Mar-2020 - GARA as a Covid19 community support network **

Many thanks to all of you who responded to our earlier email about supporting each other during the Coronavirus / Covi-19 epidemic. It is really important that we feel like and act together as a community. The best way you can do that is to join our WhatsApp group at where we can share ideas and ask for or offer support to our neighbours.

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Gondar Gardens reservoir....NEWSFLASH ... NEWSFLASH

This undisturbed covered reservoir is vegetated mostly with grassland. including spiked sedge (Carex spicata), which is uncommon in Camden.
The site is the only known location in Camden for slow-worms and Pipistrelle bats have been recorded flying over the site.